New video of the puck explains the way to real estate acquisition.The rents have known only one way for years: up! In 2015, rental prices have risen again noticeably, at least in most cities.

According to the latest reports, the increase in cities such as Cologne, Dusseldorf or Frankfurt in the second half of 2015 was about 4 to 5%. Leaders were Leipzig with 8% and Stuttgart with 7%.

If you are looking for a larger apartment, you often have to realize that suitable offers are extremely expensive – if they exist at all. So it stands to reason that one or the other is considering whether buying is cheaper than renting and thinking about buying a property. After all, interest rates on loans are still low.


Then there is the good feeling of creating property.


But that only works if you do everything right in terms of financing and find or build an object that suits you and your budget: How does the path to home go? How does this work with the house search and the equity? And how does mortgage lending work? Do not be put off: Here are the first simple answers that explain the process of purchasing real estate and make it easier to get started.


Buying instead of renting

Buying instead of renting

Juan and Andres are the main characters in a short video of the puck, they show you the process of buying real estate. It’s not that complicated to build or buy your own home if you have the right partners and information. As you can see: The Puck accompanies you with information and advice from the first idea to the move into your own four walls.

The best part: You can start with the puck offers immediately without obligation. The new video shows you. The most important steps to start:

  • With the budget calculator you can quickly discover what your property may cost. This allows you to search specifically for objects or construction projects that you can finance. With the purchase / rental calculator you can see at a glance whether you may even save money and spend less than your rent on your loan.
  • Personal advice: With the budget calculator you can see when and how you get personal advice. After all, most people build or buy a house only once in their lifetime, and therefore rely on the experience of reliable experts.

All home finance calculator can be found here.